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69th National Film Awards Winners List Out Check Here

69th National Film Awards Winners List Out Check Here

The 69th National Film Awards have been announced for the year 2021.
It  was announced on 24 August 2023.
This award give by directry of film festival  and  here the organisation work in information and  broadcast ministry.

1. ALLU ARJUN [film pushpa] select for the best actor award at the 69th National Film Awards.

2. ALIYA BHATT and KRITI SENAN select for the best actress award the 69th National Film Award.

3 .The best featuer film award in ROCKETRY: THE NAMBI EFFECT.

4. RRR MOVIE best popular film providing wholesome entertainment .

5. SARDAR UDDHAM MOVIE select for the best hindi film award.

6. THERE WAS A VILLAGE select for non fature film was chose for the best film award.   

Feature film award at the 69th National Film Awards

         CATEGORY                                                   WINNERS
  • Best feature film                           Rocketry: the nambi effect
  • Best direction                                Nikhil mahajan(Godawri the holi water)
  • Best actore                                    Allu arjun(pushpa the rise part 1)
  • Best actoress                                 Aliya bhatt and kriti  senan                                                                                                                   (Gangubai kathiawadi and Mimi)
  • Best suporting actore                      Pankaj tripathi (Film: mimi)
  • Best suporting  actoress                  Pallavi joshi (Film The kashmir files )
  • Best chaild artist                             Bhawin rabari(Film: last film show )
  • Best male  playback singer             Kaal bheru 
  • Best female playback singer           Shreya ghoshal 
  • Best cinematography film                Avik  mokhopadhyay
  • Best screenplay                               Shahi kabir nayattu
  • Best adiuography                             Arun ,  Ashok and Sonu
  • Best editing                                      Sanjay leela bhansali
  • Best prodcasting design                    Dmitriy malich and Manshi dhru meheta
  • Best dress designer                          Veer kapoor
  • Best makeup artist                            Preetisheel  singh dsouza 
  • Best music direction                         Devi shri prashad
  • Best music                                        Chandrobos
  • Best childern film                             Producer: MD media caorp and Manish seni

Important non-feature film Award at the 69th National  film awards

             CATEGORY                         WINNERS 
  • Best non feature film                   Srashti lakhera
  • Best art film                                 Vi.Peki reshammi
  • Best science and                          Producer:  Ganesh prodution and Directore:  Avijeet benarji
  • technology film
  • Best enviromental film                  R.S pradeep
  • Best film on social  issues              Sasim kumar sinaha
  • Best education film                        B. lenin
  • Best  investigative  film                 Pappa re
  • Best  animation  film                    Aadi thi  krashnadas
  • Specific jori award                       Shekhar bappu raunkhambe
  • Best direction                               Sakul matiyani
  • Best cinemagraphy                       Bittu rawat
  • Best editing                                 Abro benerji
  • Best mousic direction                 Ishaan divecha                     

Best feature film award in different language at the 69th National Film Awards.

      LANGUAGE                FILM

  • Hindi                      Sardar uddham
  • Asmi                       Anur[Eye on the sunshine]
  • Bangali                   Kalkokkho[House of the time]
  • Gujrati                    Last film show[Cchello show]
  • kannada                  777 charlie
  • Maithili                   Samanantar[The parallel]    
  • Marathi                   Ekda kaay zala
  • Malayala                 Home
  • Meiteilo                  Eikhoigi yam
  • Odia                         Pratikshya  



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