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Add dynamic control on property panel conditionally in SharePoint SPFx

How we can add text, select and checkbox fields dynamically to provide a rich and meaningful full user experience in the SPFx framework? Solution provided: The answer is yes, it is possible to add, show, hide inputs fields conditionally based on the user requirement in the SPFx framework property panel in the SharePoint modern side to realize how modern it is and w hich can be used only on demand. To achieve that kind of feature we just need to use some logic on our solution, so, don't be worried I am going to tell you all here about the new project. Step-1 Open the PowerShell or Visual Studio Code and run the command to create the new solution yo @microsoft /sharepoint     then select the solution name and WebPart name, in my case I created DynamicControl as the solution name. Once it is completed need to run gulp build after the successful build up the solution you only need to follow the below steps to achieve it on your solution To achieve this you need to write some logic in y