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Create a slider with the ReactJS and Bootstrap with Dynamic Content of SharePoint List

A good presentation makes the better chance to impress if you are the business person and your business is online, it must be your application have a very rich user interface and ease of work, there is one way to express or share the information with the end-user A carousel is the best way to express, it will share the info by sliding one by one, each slide has different expressions end-user will be impressed by its attractive design slide. a business owner can share the Deals and offers. If you want to implement a carousel with ReactJS and interact with SharePoint List, then, this is the right place. Building Carousel which interacts with dynamic content is a modern approach, that is easy as we make a cupcake. you need to follow a few steps and you get it If you are new and learn from the basics please review the below URL and understand the step by step implementation  Implement a basic Carousel with ReactJS and Bootstrap 4 in just 10 minutes if you are familiar with the basic ReactJ