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React JS Interview Questions

1. What is  Virtual DOM? The term Virtual DOM is an abstraction of the HTML DOM that can render subtrees of nodes based on the state changes. It happened with the very least amount of DOM manipulation in order to keep your components up to date.   DOM  is the acronym for Document Object Model . Dom is also known as HTML DOM as it is an abstraction of the structured code called HTML for web developers. Dom and HTML code are interrelated as the elements of HTML are known as nodes of DOM. It defines a structure where users can create, alter, modify documents and the content present in them. So while HTML is text, DOM is an in-memory representation of this text. Virtual DOM  is an abstraction of abstraction as it has been derived from HTML DOM. It is a representation of DOM objects like a lightweight copy. The virtual DOM was not invented by React, it is only used and provided for free. 2 What are the differences between functional and class components? Before the introduction of Hooks in