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React JS Interview Question Advance Level

Explore the power of React JS in achieving your goals: Learn how React's features and capabilities contribute to building efficient and scalable applications Question 1: Explain the concept of Virtual DOM in React JS and how it improves performance. Answer: In React JS, the Virtual DOM is an abstraction of the real DOM (Document Object Model) and acts as a lightweight copy of it. When a component's state or props change, React compares the Virtual DOM with the real DOM and determines the minimal number of changes needed to update the real DOM efficiently. Here's how the process works: When a component's state or props change, React creates a new Virtual DOM representation of the component and its children. React then performs a diffing algorithm to compare the new Virtual DOM with the previous one, identifying the differences or changes between them. Based on the identified changes, React updates only the necessary parts of the real DOM, minimizing the number of actua