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Carousel With ReactJS and SPFx in 10 Minutes

  If you want to implement a carousel-like this, then you are in the right place Need to run some queries and you go Introduction Implement a carousel in React JS is not a big deal if you read this blog at the end.  now a day React JS is becoming very popular and lots of plugins are available to full fill the client's requirements. In this blog, I will show you how to implement a carousel using Bootstrap and  React JS in SharePoint/Office 365 SPFx  Steps to Follow It is just simple as make a coffee only the things need to execute a few npm commands. you can run it directly by Node Js Command Prompt or Visual Studio Code IDE by opening Terminal from the top menus Create a folder in your development folder in your systems drive and point it in Visual Studio Code by Opening in a new folder Then copy and paste the below command into the terminal window    yo @microsoft/sharepoint after that, you need to follow steps as  Yo  Command returns and select React JS as the framework once the