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Power Apps Interview Questions - Canvas App

Question 1: What is Power Apps Canvas Apps? Answer: Power Apps Canvas Apps is a low-code development platform that allows users to create custom, responsive, and pixel-perfect applications without writing extensive code. It offers a visual designer interface where you can design app screens, define data connections, and add interactive elements using drag-and-drop functionality. Question 2: How do you design responsive layouts in Power Apps Canvas Apps? Answer: In Power Apps Canvas Apps, you can design responsive layouts by using containers like grids, tables, or galleries. These containers allow you to organize and arrange controls, such as labels, text boxes, or buttons, in a responsive manner. You can set properties like anchoring, resizing, or using flexible layouts to ensure that the app adapts to different screen sizes and orientations. Question 3: What are data sources and how do you connect to external data sources in Power Apps Canvas Apps? Answer: Data sources in Power Apps