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Site Provisioning in SharePoint Online Step-By-Step Guide

Introduction: Site Provisioning Or Site Templating is a developer-friendly feature of SharePoint, using Site Templating SharePoint Allows you to create a replica of its Site Collection and can use to create the same for the departmental sites or the other sites. It is easy to create and smooth to apply, requiring a single-time operation. It has some pre-requisite to use it 1. Knowledge of PowerShell Scripts. 2. Knowledge of PnP Module. 3. Must have SharePoint Online Administrator credential. Please follow bellow steps. Step 1: Open PowerShell in the Administrator mode Step- 2 Run the below commands, it will install the PnP module. Install-Module -Name "PnP.PowerShell" Step- 3 Run the below command in PowerShell Connect-SPOService -Url   After running the above command, it will show you the Login Promote. So, you must put your SharePoint admin credentials, for more details refer to the below screen. Once you enter the correct credentials,