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How to set Apply button and make the component full width in SharePoint SPFx

Introduction: SharePoint SPFx framework is filled with very rich UI and flexibility to apply dynamic content and responsive User Interface the only thing is we need to enable it, there is lots of option which we can manually configure one of the examples of Apply button. It is a good practice and an example of rich UI by adding an Apply button in the SPFx property pane. this button has a predefined mechanism that can post the changes made at the property pane asynchronously, so that, you do not need to refresh the page to see your changes.  I t is as simple as you are. you only need to add some lines of code in your component. The below image shows the real-time example of an Apply button with the property pane screen. To achieve it, only need to follow some steps, in this blog I am going to tell you, everything from the beginning. Step-1:  First, of all need to create and the SPFx solution by running the below commands, using PowerShell or Visual Studio Code yo @microsoft /sharepoint