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Interview Questions of JavaScript

Introduction:  JavaScript is a very popular and powerful client-side scripting language, which are used by every developer. Initially, the motto to implement it was to make dynamic pages and web components but now the day is used in a wide area of software development on the client-side and on the server-side where the JavaScript Engine is available. Some of the few frequently asked questions come from an interview Question 1. What is a higher-order function in JavaScript? Answer: In JavaScript, the higher-order function is a kind of function that can accept another function as an argument or returns a function as a return value or both, just like the delegates in .net.               const varfirstOrderFunction = () => console . log ( 'HI!! this is first order' ); const varHigherOrderFunction = ReturnFirstOrderFunction => ReturnFirstOrderFunction ();         varHigherOrderFunction ( varfirstOrderFunction ); Question  2. What is Immediately Invoked Function Expre