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SPFX Interview question for 2023

SPFx Interview Questions for 2023 Question 1: What is SharePoint Framework (SPFx)? Answer: SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a development model introduced by Microsoft for creating client-side web parts and extensions for SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2019. It is based on modern web technologies like JavaScript, TypeScript, and React, providing a rich and responsive user experience. Question 2: What are the key advantages of using SPFx for SharePoint development? Answer: SPFx offers several advantages, such as: Responsive and mobile-ready web parts and extensions. Seamless integration with SharePoint data and services. Support for modern web development practices and tools. Easy deployment and hosting options. Enhanced security and isolation through the SharePoint app model. Question 3: Can you explain the structure of an SPFx solution? Answer: An SPFx solution consists of the following key components: Web Parts: These are the building blocks of SPFx solutions, representing the vi