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Implement SPFx component with ReactJS in few Steps

The web part is running on the browser that runs in the context of a SharePoint page. And required only clients side scripting languages to make it run. It can be deployed to SharePoint environments that support the SharePoint Framework. You can also use modern JavaScript web frameworks, to build them. Support: It can be built with HTML and JavaScript with a specific framework.   It supports SharePoint Online and on-premises.   Create a new web part using Visual Studio Code to Below are the step Go to the Open folder by clicking on the File section C reate a folder and open it.        Click into the terminal and select new terminal  Write the script there in the new terminal Yo @microsoft/Sharepoint You see at the terminal window, a new promote open, here you need to give a  new for the solution, in my case I give It the name HelloLife.                           Then it will ask you to select the folder Then showing, in my case I select N                                Then again, I se